About Jerky and different types of meat used for Jerky
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About Jerky and different types of meat used for Jerky

About Jerky and different types of meat used for Jerky

Jerky is a meat which is cut into strips of fat and is dried so that it does not get spoiled. Drying really means that one has to add some salt so that no bacteria is stuck over the flesh till the moisture is gone completely. The word Jerky has been derived from a word charki from Quechua which means a dry salty meat. This is the classic method to generate a jerky though modernization has spilled some beans on the methods where the meat is marinated with some liquid, seasonings, spiced rub and is then dehydrated using a low flame heat. There are some manufacturers who rather than cutting the pieces into strip are grated into fine grind meat and is marinated with seasonings and liquids and then the meat is arranged in the pressed into flat shapes before put out to dry out.


The above-mentioned jerky is the type where salt is the major ingredient and can be served as a savoury snack but there is another recipe which is used to make sweet or semi-sweet jerky. In this one, sugar plays the major role as an ingredient. You need no additional preparations and can have them as they are ready to eat. You can easily store them without even a need to store them in the refrigerator or in the extreme cold climatic condition.

According to a butcher the different parts of a cow is sold out at different price and on particular depends. The cow is broken into 9 main piece cuts: short lion, round, rib, chuck, sirloin, short plate, flank, brisket, fore shank. With these many different cuts defining different parts of the body might be confusing to decide which exactly is the cut best suited for your jerky. There is no single cut that is specifically best suited for jerky, though there are some which are surely better than the other when compared. The fresh most cuts from the Colorado cows top and bottom is the best quality jerky and is a better prior form.


While many manufacturers might choose the fattier cuts for jerky though this might cause the degradation of the quality of the jerky. These are made more palatable by making a use of fruit juice to break down the enzymes of fat. Though through this process, the fat is tenderized but it doesn’t get rid from the grizzle.

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